February 28, 2010

Rocking Nuns, Archie Andrews and a Score!

Finally able to get some thrifting in the last couple weeks. Took my Aunt Margaret with me this past weekend. You could tell we're totally different generations - she was chatting everybody up in the stores, telling them what great stuff they had and how her niece finally took her to her secret stores of vintage goodies. I'm not a chatter - just want to get in, rummage through everything and get out with my finds. At one point she couldn't find me and was roaming the aisles hollering my name. I just ignored it and she eventually found me... "Oh, there you are. Didn't you hear me calling you?"

Didn't find a whole lot of things. I'm going to be on the move in a couple of months so I can't buy any big furniture type things - which is really, really hard to not do. But the smalls (a vintage finding word I learned from Sue @ Vintage Rescue Squad) have been pretty good finds. The china is Noritake Reina and I got an exceptionally good deal. This is the Score! I refer to in the post title. There is a teapot or coffee pot out there somewhere that goes with this line and I am on the HUNT to complete this set. It's such a pretty set, it will be hard to let it go. But when do I ever have tea parties? Someone out there will put it to good use. Right?

Check out these rockin' little ladies. Too cute.

And this lady? I know she's Avon and not very vintage, but she is beautiful and she was another good deal (it was 50% off weekend at the Salvation Army). When my aunt saw her, she about fainted. She held her the whole drive home. Mine.

Archie! I love Archie comics. These aren't old, as you can see by the price, but they were a quarter each. I used to collect the really old Archie comics and had quite a collection but in eBay's early years I sold them. Got a good deal on them, but now wish... oh well.

This little dish I bought expressly for this reason - to hold these adorably cute little sugar flowers. I got the idea to make them from Jessica @ Such Pretty Things. Totally easy and totally cute. And tasty. Totally.

Since I'm moving soon and am going to do a vintage store booth when I get there, now I gotta pack all this stuff up. I think I'll keep the Archie comics out and read 'em.

And oh, I taught myself to knit this weekend and made a loaf of beer bread. I got hobbies all over the place!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I love all of your great vintage finds...fun, fun! Please come by again...and I will too!
    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. Those nuns are so kitschy! Love them...I am your newest follower and live in Omaha! Contact me via my blog if you are up this way and we can go thrifting :) Found you via Treasures in Thrifting Land

    1. Hi Rachael. Thanks for stopping by and being my FIRST follower. :-) I'm following your blog now and have some back-reading to do. You have some great finds. I'll be getting things in my etsy shop soon and it will interesting to see if we are finding any common vintage things in Nebraska. And it would be great fun to meet a fellow thrifter!

  3. Those Archie comic books bring back memories. When I was a little girl I used to collect all comic books and had tons of Archie ones (I'm talking about 40 years ago - yikes!). Sadly, I lent them to someone and never got them back - lesson learned. Thanks for becoming a follower and now you can count me as one of yours!