February 14, 2010

Maiden Post

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm launching Finding Vintage with a pink theme. I'm not all that keen about it and will likely change it, but I wanted to get this blog thing going.

Finding Vintage... one of my greatest joys is walking around an antique store, a thrift store, a garage sale... looking for vintage things. One of my longest running dreams is to have a booth in an antique store displaying (and selling) all of my vintage finds. My life is "on the move" yet again and I'm not quite settled where I want to be; so until then, I'll just blog along the way.

Need to give a shout out to a couple of bloggers who inspired me to get going - Jessica at Such Pretty Things, such a pretty pretty blog - design, photos and crafts; Suzy at GeorgiaPeachez, her creations are divine (and I saw one of her aprons in a magazine at Barnes & Noble just yesterday!); and Colleen at freshvintage. freshvintage was the first blog I happened upon on a sick day home from work and I was hooked. I read every one of her posts and her other blog - FreshBlogTips - was the kick start to my blog journey.

So on to the vintage things...

I found these things at various thrift stores over the past few weeks and probably spent no more than $20 total. I the metal wall shelf and basket - which I painted pink, they were originally purple and brass - I'll have to think twice about re-selling those.

Do you know what this is? I'd never seen one of these before and didn't know what it's use was, but it was $2 and really cute. After some research (thank you Google!), I learned that it's a sugar scuttle and usually has a little scoop with it. Wish I could find that. How cute would that be? In it, I've had M&M's, altoids, red hots, etc. Candy didn't last long, so now it's got little flowers.

And my favoritest find of this bunch...

I am a '50s freak. I was born in the '60s. The late '60s. But I everything '50s - kitchen stuff, furniture, cars, music... I think my parents kept all of their '50s stuff for a good 20 years and I was just so used to seeing it. This Yellowstone Park travel bag just screams '50s to me. I found it at a thrift shop for $1 and it was in bad shape. It had a bunch of puffy Christmas stickers on it and the prior owner had written her name on the bag in the little name tag windows (her name was Ethel - totally '50s huh?). But I cleaned it up pretty good and I'm gonna have a hard time giving this away. And... I would so totally carry this on a plane.