August 05, 2012

The Thrifting Did Not Stop

Been a while, I know. Although life got in the way of blogging, the thrifting did not stop. Let's give this another go.

Here is this weekend's haul. Some vintage, some not. Some I'm going to sell, some I'm going to keep. I'm starting to wonder why I shop in regular stores at all. People donate all sorts of brand new or like new things. The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes sells for $12 on Amazon. I got it for BF's Son #1 for $1.00, it only has 1 one piece of paper missing. I've seen BF's Son #1 flipping through this at B&N and he loves everything military so I know he'll enjoy this.

I'm pretty sure those Spice of Life Pyrex canisters are unused. The glass is spotless, not even any water spots. The rubber (or maybe they're plastic) gaskets inside the lids are perfect. Sometimes those are yellowed, cracked and a bit sticky. These weren't that cheap (the prices at my local Goodwills are not that great). But I figure if I can't resell them for a good price, I'll keep them for myself and use them. Those 4 mugs say Big Dipper and Little Dipper. The Little Dipper ones are kid-sized. So stinking cute. The 8-track tape is Christmas Songs. I got a stereo/record player/8-track player a while back.

Got these Ohio Blue Tip matches at an antique store. There are 3 boxes wrapped in paper. I have an opened box of these matches somewhere. Can't decide if I want to unwrap them separately and sell each box or sell all 3 wrapped. 

Got this full bottle of Old Spice After Shave for $1.00. Wasn't sure in the store if this would be a seller or not. The box is dated 1990 and the bottle is milk glass, so with those, I figured I could at least try it out on Etsy. Some Ebay research shows the "Shulton" bottles sell pretty well, and this one is Shulton. Not sure what the Shulton meaning is, will have to research more on that. I wish the box didn't have that $2.49 price tag on it. Cheesy.

This Half Pint Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker was one of the half-price color tags at Goodwill so I got it for $5.00. I saw it on my way out of the store and had to put all my things down to open it and check it out. Completely unused. I'm excited to give this a try. You put the freezer bowls in the freezer and then the lid is motorized and has a paddle on it and after 6-15 minutes you have soft-serve ice cream.

And of course, I bought several books. I say again, if you're thrifting with me and can't find me, check the book section - that's where I'll be. I'll have to do a book count someday. I'm guessing I've got 300-400 books. I thought the Seven Little Postmen Little Golden Book was an early vintage one because the gold edging is pretty worn and the story and images are so very retro, but alas, this is a reprinted version from the 1980s. The Question and Answer Book is from 1963. 

I also got a set of Tupperware Ice Tups. They were soaking in warm, sudsy water when I was taking pics. I'm guaranteed to buy at least one book and one Tupperware item on any one thrift venture. They are my all-time favorites.