September 09, 2012

Some Thrifting Catch Up...

Having a hard time keeping the blog posts regular, but no problem with regular thrifting. I have a full time job and the photographing, researching and listing on Etsy is almost a full time job. Going to thrift stores and garage sales and antique malls is my release. I daydream about going thrifting. I wish that could be a full time job. Someday...

Anyway, whine over. Let's do some thrifty goodness catch up. Again with the Tupperware. I buy the Tupperware and then I don't want to sell it. I have a pretty good collection... in boxes. I only "use" a few Tupperware pieces. Weirdo. This harvest yellow(?) 1-quart pitcher with push button lid is in near mint condition. Looks like it was hardly ever used. Not stinky either. Sometimes used Tupperware has... an odor. I have a project in mind for my ever-expanding Tupperware collection. Stay tuned.

Got this "Run for President" board game because it's an election year. It's never been used, the bonus cards are unopened, the tally pad is unused, and the board is pristine. Very nice set.

I've got some other election-related items listed on Etsy and I found a couple president/White House books I need to get listed too. We'll see if people are buying election stuff.

Also found this "Game of Good Cooking" board game. It was put out by McCormick/Schilling spices in 1989. According to it only rates 4.5 stars (out of 10), but it's vintage and kitschy and in great condition. So I bought it.

I found this quilted vinyl toaster cover at an antique mall for a $1.00. I like to browse the antique stores for things like this to flip. I get the feeling that some of the vendors in antique stores are of the "technologically-challenged" generation and don't know the potential value of some things. It was kinda grimy with kitchen grease but with it being vinyl, I just threw it in the washer and it cleaned up like new. It doesn't look all faded like it does in the photo, that's my goofy camera. If it doesn't sell, it looks cute on my toaster in my retro, mod, kinda 70s-ish kitchen.

How sweet is this Holiday Party Desserts recipe book by Edna Beilenson and published by Peter Pauper Press (started by Edna's husband in 1928). In the 1930s - 1950s, Peter Pauper's books were sold at "prices even a pauper could afford." This book sold for $1.00 in in 1958. Peter Pauper still publishes books, journals, and travel guides. Some tasty-sounding recipes in here, and some odd-sounding ones... Coffee Gelatine anyone?

An unopened package of Lite Brite refills in a Barnyard Fun theme. The farmer and the farmhouse are so cute. I totally want to open this and put these on my Lite Brite! Yes, I have one. Not a vintage one, a modern one. But a good condition vintage one at a nice price is on my list.

In doing research on these, I realized that the boy and girl on all the various refill packages and on the Lite Brite boxes are the same. They even look the same in different years, just slightly different hairstyles. 

And this set of Scholastic books. I found each one on a separate trip and decided to list them as a lot since they are all "boy" related. 

Remember those Scholastic book fairs at school or the catalogs that got sent home with us. I loved those! I remember in my elementary school the "fair" would line the hallways. The smell of all those books were so tantalizing. I was a frequent book buyer at Scholastic book fairs. 

In April, I blogged about a box of mini purse books I found at GW for $3.00, including the like new plastic tote they were in. There were 50+ in there and I listed them all. Those listings have all expired, except the 15 I've sold at $2.00 each! I'll be relisting those soon.