February 18, 2010

Finding Joy at Target, a Bus Stop, and Even a Cemetery

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

I haven't had much time to "find vintage" lately and really only have a couple of new/old items on hand. But tomorrow is Friday and I like to walk over to the 7 or 8 thrift stores by my work during my lunch hour on Fridays.

So for now, I thought I'd do a post on Finding Joy. Since Christmas I've been trying to find something everyday that gives me joy. Most days I forget because... well life is like that. You blast through your day and rarely take the time to smell the roses, or find the joy. But here are a few that I have found.

Little Blonde Girl at Target

I was next in line at the checkout at Target a couple of weeks ago. A woman and a little blonde girl (5 years old maybe) were in front of me. As the woman was paying for her items, the little girl was sitting in the child seat of the cart facing me. I said to the little girl, "Hi there, how are you?" She just smiled sweetly and shyly. And as the woman pulled the cart forward to leave, the little girl excitedly said, "Mommy, that pretty lady said hi to me!" Little blonde girl at Target made. my. day.

The School Bus Stop

Everyday as I drive to work I see this a young boy and girl (maybe 7 or 8 years old) waiting for the school bus. They make me smile every day because they're very cute and they're usually all happy-go-lucky, talking animatedly and just being silly. Couple of days ago, it was just starting to drizzle and as I passed the bus stop, I noticed that the boy was holding his book bag over the girl's head. Chivalry at such a young age is heartening.

The Hummingbird

This past weekend I visited the gravesite of a very special person. As I was arranging the bouquet of flowers in the ground vase, a hummingbird fluttered up. It startled me at first cause... well those things dart around quite quickly. I smiled and went about my business and the hummingbird just kept fluttering about me. Now I know he was just waiting for me to hurry up so he could sample some fresh nectar. But he just fluttered around while I finished with the flowers, dusted the headstone off, picked up some trash that was littered about, and knelt there for some reflection. He was so close to me at one point, his wings ruffled my hair (and his wings sounded like a helicopter). As I walked away, he darted in and out, in and out of the bouquet of flowers. I thought about that hummingbird all day.

Here's hoping the rain stays away tomorrow and I'll find some vintage things to share.

P.S. And oh yes, I find joy in eating Almond Joys, my #1 favorite candy bar!

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  1. My Grandpa has a little coffee pot like the one in you sugar scuttle pic. I should send him this link. He collects Jewel T stuff.