May 07, 2012

Grandma Goes Shopping

My only daughter is going to have a baby in November and I'm going to be a Rookie Grandma!

Gotta get me this shirt.
In addition to the fact that I have a million things to list already, I decided that I'm going to try to not thrift as much so I can buy lots and lots of baby things. I love baby shopping. I love babies. Especially MY grandbabies. But really, I have a ton of things to photograph, research, and list, I need to set myself some listing goals. Spend a couple hours each weekend photographing, researching, and listing, listing, listing. And then perhaps, a thrifting excursion as a reward. So, what is the first thing I did this past weekend? Went straight to the Goodwill across the street and a few garage sales in the neighborhood. I was good though, only picked up two things. And one is for baby!

Don't know if my girl will have a girl. If not, I can always put it on Etsy. This is a Lefton Praying Girl night light, dated 1985 (the year my daughter was born). My daughter lives in California and I sent her a pic of it lit up and she cried. She's kinda emotional these days.

I also found this Recipe Lectern. So perfect for a mod, kitschy kitchen.

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